Kittens, inspired by kittens

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This is adorable.


Man boobs

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Stefanie sent me this e-mail today:

“Cute Alex update: We were at the pool, and there was an elderly gentleman with rather large man boobs. Alex pointed and said, ‘Oh, boobs.’ I had to stop myself from laughing. No one noticed.”

That made my day.

So did this photo, from our visit to Bush Park last Saturday:


Wedding photos are up

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For those you haven’t noticed, photos (taken with my iPhone, hence the blurry shots) that I took at my brother’s wedding in Kansas City a few weeks ago can be found on Picasa.

The first set are from the rehearsal dinner at the Japanese steak house in the Marriott where Paul and Desiree married the next day. The food was good, the sake was amazing and the chefs threw food at our mouths. About 50 percent made it into our mouths. The rest littered the floor and our clothes. It was a lot of fun.

The second set are from before and after the wedding. No shots from during the wedding because I was the best man. I figured it would be bad form to whip out the iPhone during the ceremony. Heh.


Spanish chicks

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Stefanie, singing to Alex: All the little chicks say, “peoh, peoh, peoh”.

Me: Wait, what?

Stefanie: That’s what baby chickens say in Spanish.

Me: Spanish chicks have lasers? “Pew, pew, pew”.

Stefanie: No, they just say, “peoh” instead of “cheep”.

Me: No, they don’t. I promise you that animals say the same thing no matter where they live. Just ask Stewie:

Flight of the Bumblebee … on an accordion

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This one is for my friend Brian, who loves polka. It’s also the best accordion performance I’ve ever seen, although to be fair I should point out that I’ve never really seen an accordion performance before.

Mac vs. PC

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And the moral of the story is that Macs are punks and will gang up on you.

The Remnants

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The video below was made by John August during last year’s writers strike. Think of it like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog — which, by the way, is freaking brilliant — but with less evil and more apocalypse goodness. Oh, and a few personalities — Ernie Hudson, Ze Frank and Justine Bateman — play roles in the pilot.

Unfortunately, The Remnants is still just a Web pilot. August has been seeking advertising support or a company to help produce The Remnants as a Web series, but so far no luck. Here’s hoping he succeeds because there is lots of promise here.

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