Hide and seek

Alex loves to play hide and seek. He doesn’t really understand how to play it, mind you, but he loves it.

He asks us to find him all the time. Then he tells us where he’s hiding. It usually goes something like this:

Alex (yelling): I’m hiding. Find me!
Me: Where is Alex?
Alex (giggling): I’m under the blanket!

And so on. It’s adorable, but it gets even better.

When we find him — after dragging out the search as long as we can — he squeals, jumps, flails and pretty much freaks out. Sometimes he is so excited that he can’t even stay in hiding.

Alex (squealing): Find me again.
Me: OK. Go hide again.

Alex then puts the blanket back over his head and starts giggling again.

Again, it’s pretty darn adorable. But tonight he outdid himself.

Alex and Stefanie were “hiding” under a blanket on a chair in the living room. Both were giggling — Alex because he can’t help it, and Stefanie because Alex’s giggling is contagious — and I was searching for them all around the house.

When I got to their chair, they were both giggling uncontrollably.

Me: Where is Alex?
Alex (from under the blanket, during a break in the giggling): He’s not here.

The three of us laughed for quite a while. How did that little guy get so clever?


~ by amarvin on Saturday, January 9, 2010.

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