Timbuk2, Round2

Timbuk2, my favorite messenger bag/backpack maker, has a clearance sale this month, and I scored an extra-large messenger bag for $45. That’s half-price. Incredible! It should arrive in a week or two, and I can’t wait.

Since I previously raved about my Timbuk2 Detour — not Commute, which is what I thought it was — many months ago, I started riding my bike to work again. My laptop and related gear plus a small lunch fit OK in the Detour, and I love the messenger strap plus backpack straps, but I can’t fit a change of clothes in it, too.

So I switched to a North Face backpack that my dad picked up for my birthday last year. I can just barely fit everything. Until fall/winter hits and my clothes get thicker, that is. Lame!

That’s where the extra-large bag comes in: It’s friggin’ huge. I should be able to fit a change of clothes plus shoes, my laptop and related gear plus a full lunch. And it should fit more comfortably than my backpack when it’s full because of the messenger bag design. And it’s a Timbuk2, so it’s waterproof and practically indestructable.

Speaking of my bike, I managed to hurt my knees — pushed myself too hard — earlier this summer and basically stopped riding for more than a month. I started back again three weeks ago and rode twice before noticing that my bike seemed “off”. I took it in to a neighborhood shop, and two weeks and $135 later I got it back with new front and rear wheels (the rear axle had broken, and the front cups and bearings were shot) and a tune-up.

Rode it to work Wednesday, but on the way home the chain popped off and got wedged between the gears on the front crank. Walked it to a different shop, and got it back tonight after another $100. The crank was shot — this wasn’t the first time this had happened — and they had to replace several other parts to make them all fit with the new crank.

Rode it home tonight, and it was all worthwhile. Easy ride, even up hills. Spent most of the time in the hardest gears, even up hills. They didn’t work before the recent work was completed, so I’m thinking that riding in too low of gears may have led to my knee pain (which is feeling much better.)

My mother and grandmother, both from Kansas, arrive Friday for a four-day visit. They say they are visiting everyone, but I know they are here most of all for Alex’s first birthday, which is Monday. Hard to believe that he will be 1 year old in just a few days. He’s getting so big. Now if only he would get a dang tooth. He hasn’t slept through the night all week because tooth pains have been waking him up and keeping him — and us — awake. We are exhausted.

Anyway, with family in town I suspect the blog posts will continue to be scarce for a few more days. I’m working on posts for the rest of the month though, so stay tuned.


~ by amarvin on Thursday, September 11, 2008.

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