Unintelligencer is pure genius

I recently discovered a really cool Web site called Unintelligencer. The site’s motto is, “Copy, Paste, Retardify”, and I think it’s pure genius. The site, you see, translates any text into one of five levels of moron, so now you too can post idiotic comments on YouTube, Digg, Slashdot and blogs. Why be an idiot when Unintelligencer can be an idiot for you? It’s like idiocy for lazy people!

Here’s the first paragraph of one of my recent posts converted to the highest level of moron:

“i usd tew wurk 4 huge, multi-national media conglomerate taht treats itz employees az ifs thay am disposable. tehz comapanee sees employees b means too endz, + iffn thar wurr wae 2 rites, edit, produce & publish thee news automagikaly, th’ comanee wud fire erry single employee without mush, ifs enee, deliberation jus tew save onna health-care costs.”

Man, I love the Internet.


~ by amarvin on Saturday, August 30, 2008.

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