My newest obsession

I don’t usually obsess about stuff that isn’t made by Apple, but last week I discovered a new non-Apple obsession.

It’s a gorgeous commuter bicycle that I found on De Zeen’s blog. It makes my sturdy Giant mountain bike — which I enjoy riding, by the way — look like a bicycle sold at Toys ‘R Us. (You know what I’m talking about.)

The Cityspeed was designed by Michael Young for Giant and is expected to be launched in Tokyo in October.

She’s a beaut, eh? Note the dots in the center of the handlebars? Those are built-in LED headlights. Awesome. The tail light is built-in, too, but it looks as if the tail light is below the rear rack. If so, that’s a huge form-over-function problem that Giant/Michael Young will need to fix before I could even consider it. As someone on the Design Magazine blog pointed out, the fenders need to be a bit longer to avoid calf splashes, but that’s a minor thing for me.

Here’s another shot that better shows the front LEDs:

~ by amarvin on Monday, August 25, 2008.

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