Top 15 music videos (Part I)

Posting those two music videos the other day got me thinking about my favorite music videos. Yes, I was old enough to have been around before MTV even existed, and I watched a lot of that station before it turned into Cribs and TRL 24-7. (Has any other TV station seen such a quality meltdown? I guess that’s a different post.)

Anyway, over the next three days, I will be posting my Top 15 music videos in reverse order. Here are my picks for Nos. 15 to 10:

15. “Legs”, ZZ Top. No video of the 1990s made geeks feel like they could get the hot chicks better than this one. I was a huge ZZ Top fan when I was younger — in retrospect, I’m not sure why — and this song was a favorite. But the video, it was a geek’s wet dream.

14. “Birdhouse in Your Soul”, They Might Be Giants. One of the best “weird” bands ever, and one of my favorite of their videos. Disembodied heads singing? Check. Face-offs in tall-back chairs? Check. Goofy song? Check. It’s all here, and it’s all fun.

13. “Whip It”, Devo. This video blew me away when I was younger. Yes, it’s another “weird” band, but Devo were geniuses, and this video is a masterpiece of the bizarre. Favorite part: when he whips the woman’s clothes off, leaving her with her cigarette. Wacky, and hilarious.

12. “Human Behavior”, Bjork. Yes, another “weird” one. But where else could you see a Bjork fly or a giant teddy bear stalk and attack a hunter? Nowhere but in Bjork’s and video director Michael Gondry’s (who later directed one of my favorite films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) wacky minds. And the drums kick ass.

11. “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, Tom Petty. I was a huge Tom Petty fan when I was younger — and unlike ZZ Top, I still this Tom Petty is great — and this video was my favorite of his. I remember seeing it for the first time and being blown away by Tom Petty as The Mad Hatter. Perfect casting. I also loved the part where the tea party guests cut and serve Alice as cake while her fingers flutter. Genius.

10. “Blue Orchid”, The White Stripes. One of my favorite bands, and one f’ed up video. Jack White twirls a cane while wearing some period costume. Meg White keeps the beat by banging on (and breaking) dishes. Some weird woman in a white dress and uncomfortable-looking footwear tries not to break her ankles walking around a decrepit house before snakes crawl all over her and a white horse rears up. Wait, what?

Come back tomorrow for the next five. Feel free to try to guess my choices in the comments. Better yet, share some of your favorites below.


~ by amarvin on Monday, August 4, 2008.

One Response to “Top 15 music videos (Part I)”

  1. my person preferences would say that bjork’s all is full of love should be there, though as long as she is represented in this list somewhere i’m happy 🙂

    also, check out my own playlist of what i’ve been musically feeling of late…

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