Catching up, plus new Alex photos

I finally was able to upload those photos to our Picasa Web Album. Seeing the photos gets me thinking about a new camera though. The noise in most of our shots is frustrating. Anyone want to recommend a new camera — something small but without the noise of our Canon PowerShot SD400?

Getting in shape: Week 5

This week was a big fail on getting in shape. I rode Monday (10.8 miles) and to work Tuesday (5.4 miles), but I tweaked my knee — the same side where I dislocated my knee cap earlier this year — and it has been sore all week. So I left my bike at work Tuesday and rode the bus. I did make it to the gym Thursday, but Friday I had to drive because I needed to visit one of our remote sites for work. >sigh< An off-week, I guess. I’m still feeling a bit better every week, but I know this is going to take a lot longer than I originally had thought.

Babies, babies everywhere

My friend Ryan from back home in Kansas had his first baby this week. Madison Alyssa Shanks is 7 pounds 7.6 ounces and 21 inches long. Like me, Ryan’s wife has a child from a previous relationship. Unlike Andrew though, Kayla is really excited about having a baby sister. Congratulations, Ryan, Genna and Kayla. No photos to share yet. (On a side note, Ryan and I met in preschool. Crazy, eh?)

My friend Angela and her husband, Michael, had their first baby this week, too. Lenore Suzette Halstead is 8 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches. I’m hopeful that we get to meet Lenore soon. It should be a bit easier since they live in Portland, which is only an hour away from us in Salem. Congratulations, Angela and Michael.

Here’s a photo of the one whom the angels named Lenore (is it wrong that her name reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven? Probably.):

Eddie Izzard rules!

We saw Eddie Izzard perform his latest stand-up routine Tuesday evening in Portland. It was, as expected, hilarious. We were a bit disappointed in the sound quality at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall — his microphone seemed a bit low, especially when everyone was laughing — but I guess his Monday evening performance actually saw the sound system fail. I would have been PO’d, especially at $50-$60 per ticket. After the show, we met up with some friends for a late dinner and dessert at Southpark, a nearby restaurant.

Unfortunately, Stefanie missed out. Just before she was to leave to pick me up from work and drop off Alex with friends Stephanie and Jim so we could leave for Portland, Alex fell off the futon and hit his forehead on the wood floor. He had reached for something on the coffee table and missed. While he cried, Stefanie called the doctor to see what she should do.

They said worst-case that he might had a concussion, but they said the fact that Alex screamed and cried after he fell was a good sign. They recommended that we wake up Alex every 15 minutes until 1 a.m. and every four hours after that through the following night, just to be sure. Blech. Stefanie felt really awful about Alex’s fall, and it didn’t seem right to make Stephanie and Jim wake Alex up every 15 minutes, so Stefanie took one for the team and stayed home to watch Alex. She’s my hero.

I felt awful about leaving them, especially after seeing the bright red bump on Alex’s forehead, but I was able to play with him for a bit and saw that he was laughing and had pretty much already forgotten about the fall within an hour. Whew. It was a big scare for us — not the first, I’m sure, since Alex hasn’t slowed down his explorations of the world around him — and I hate that Stefanie missed seeing Eddie Izzard. But Alex seems back to normal, and that is what matters most.

Next weekend looms, but in a good way

Stefanie is headed to Chicago next weekend (also her birthday weekend) to accept an AAJA award for a story she wrote last year about Salem residents who were forced into Japanese internment camps during Word War 2. Andrew also will be out of town again, this time camping with his aunt and some friends. I’m taking Friday off so I can take Stefanie to the airport, then it’s just Alex and me until we pick up Stefanie from the airport Sunday.

It will be the first time that I have had Alex through the night alone. I’m nervous because he hasn’t been sleeping as well lately — teething again, I think, but still no @%&* teeth to show for it — and the only thing that pacifies him is breast-feeding. Since I can’t satisfy that need, I might be warming up bottles at least once or twice each night. And Alex isn’t the most patient little guy, so he probably will howl while I’m preparing those bottles. Whee!

Still, I’m excited about getting to spend an entire weekend with Alex. Alex and I usually only have Sundays to ourselves, so we will have lots of free time. We may meet a friend for dinner one night, and I think we will stop by Powells to sell (and buy) some books after we drop off Stefanie. It should be fun. Wish me luck!


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One Response to “Catching up, plus new Alex photos”

  1. Good luck!

    I have Oscar on my own from tomorrow morning through Sunday night and I’m nervous, too. Of course, I can handle the breastfeeding, but Adam won’t be here to spell me, let me “sleep in,” share the diaper changes, etc. We’ll miss Adam terribly; the emotions are already running high because it’s the last week of my leave from work at the SJ 😦

    RE: Getting in shape, this is a whole new week! Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re trying every day, which is great. And you’re still blogging about it, holding yourself accountable. You’re doing a good job!

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