Getting in Shape: Week 4

I was really good this week about riding my bike for the first half of the week but failed to ride at all in the second half for various reasons. Mainly, I was sore from hitting the gym Tuesday night. But the good news is that I found a good way to ride and still hit the gym. If I ride to work (5.4 miles) every day and ride home Monday, Wednesday and Friday (the days I don’t work out), I should be able to keep up my momentum. At least that’s the plan. Oh, and I think I finally may have lost a few pounds. Or at least I’m feeling a bit less fat and a little more fit.

Not too much else to report this week. Alex is figuring out how to fall on his bum gracefully, or at least without crying anymore. He wants to walk everywhere, and he does crawl everywhere. He already has tried to put his fingers in the fan and in a light socket. Whee! Thank goodness for playpen playtime. Alex went berry picking with Stefanie twice this week, and we have some great shots of him sitting and admiring (and then chowing down on) a strawberry. I will post the photos to Picasa this weekend.

The weather has been a mixed bag lately. It was incredibly hot much of this week — in the 90s — and we are still in the bidding stage with vendors for a heat pump (and a gas furnace — bye-bye, heating oil). So we have been miserable. I hope it cools a bit before the Salem Art Fair next weekend.

One more thing: I’m back to saving for an iPhone, but I think I may try to pick up a first-generation one and use it as a cheaper-than-an-iPod-touch iPod touch for a while to see whether it would be enough for serious use — I’m talking use the iPhone instead of my laptop much of the time. If that is the case, then I could justify selling my Macbook Pro and replacing it with a media-center setup that would include a Mac Mini and possibly supplemented by an MSI Wind netbook. Oh, the possibilities.


~ by amarvin on Friday, July 11, 2008.

One Response to “Getting in Shape: Week 4”

  1. Curt just upgraded and already had a buyer for his old iPhone.
    I am also thinking of upgrading. Would you be interested in buying my old one? Let me know.

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