Movies of Summer

I don’t really get all that excited about the summer movie season anymore. It was a big deal for me when I was in college, but now? Not so much. Still, every summer (and into the fall) there are several movies that I look forward to. And this summer is no different. Here are trailers for some of them, in no particular order:

1) The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, the excellent re-imagining of the Batman series. A lot has been made of this movie because of Heath Ledger’s death earlier this year — Ledger plays the Joker, and from what I understand he nailed the part. Some have even talked about a postumous Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Maybe it’s sentimentality that stoked those flames, but from the trailers it sounds legit.

2) Burn After Reading, the next Coen brothers flick, returns the brothers to their usual schtick. No Country for Old Men was great, as was Blood Simple and even Fargo, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of their comedies: Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and this one, which is set to be released in September.

3) Traitor. Don Cheadle has always selected interesting movies — Crash, Hotel Rwanda, Traffic and Talk to Me — and this one looks to be another great one. A political thriller about an agent who goes undercover to join a terrorist group and is forced to kill people and blow things up. But is he really being forced?

4) Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. I didn’t really like the first Hellboy movie, but I enjoyed what few of the Hellboy comics that I read so much and I have grown to like the director (Guilermo del Toro, who has been tapped to direct the upcoming Hobbit movie and previously directed the fantastic and freaky Pan’s Labryinth) that I’m willing to give this one a chance. I’m hopeful that del Toro’s newfound success in the United States will push this sequel into “excellent” territory.

5) Choke. I love the writings of Chuck Palahniuk, the Portland author who wrote Fight Club among other great (and disturbing) books. Choke is the second of his books to be turned into a movie, and get this: Sam Rockwell plays the lead. Excellent! I would be elated if they can pull this off because this book is one of my favorites.

So what movies are you excited about this summer/early fall? Leave me a comment below.


~ by amarvin on Saturday, July 5, 2008.

One Response to “Movies of Summer”

  1. Oooh, I didn’t know there was a new Coen Bros. movie coming out. It looks great! I don’t get excited about movie anymore, either. I don’t remember the last movie I saw, but it might have been “No Country.”

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