Getting in Shape: Week 4

Mixing up my workouts this week to make sure that I get at least three rides in a week and at least one weight training session. So I’m riding Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and weight training Thursday evening. I’m also finished driving to work for a long while; that’s part of our money-squeezing ways with Stefanie now working only part-time. But it gives me an excuse to ride my bike more and to supplement that with a bus pass again. I rode the bus for my first 1.5 years working at the courthouse, so this isn’t a big deal for me.

Got some bad news Friday at the sleep doctor’s office. The tech that I saw — I don’t see the sleep doc for another three weeks — said that although I’m adjusting to the C-PAP machine, he noticed that I’m still having “sleep apneas”. That sucks. It could be nothing — possibly even just my body still sometimes fighting the air that is blasted down my nasal cavity every night — but it might mean that the C-PAP isn’t working.

I also weighed myself and found that I had gained two pounds. I’m now 247. LAME. I blame all the retirements and other parties, with their tasty, tasty cake and cookies, last week. And the fact that I’m only lifting weights once a week. Last summer, when I lost 20 pounds in three months, I was riding my bike to work two or three times a week and going to my weight training class twice a week. I need to get back to twice a week, but with our hectic schedule that has been difficult. Here’s to a new goal then.

~ by amarvin on Monday, June 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Getting in Shape: Week 4”

  1. Sounds like you are getting a good plan down. And life can get in the way of that sometimes.
    Unfortunately just working out isn’t gonna help you lose weight. It is all that damn good tasting food around to tempt you.
    I am proud to say I resisted the scrumptious cupcakes we had at work yesterday for a going away for a co-worker.

  2. Good luck, man. I’ve lost a lot of weight breast feeding (I realize this doesn’t help you) and have thought of how much I’ll probably gain once Oscar’s done sucking down all the extra calories I consume. Boy, do I like to eat. The bicycling-to-work plan sounds good, but I’m sure the logistics don’t work out as often as you’d like. That happens to us, too. Well, keep at it. I imagine that blogging about it might be helping a little, too!

  3. Have you ever tried Atkin’s diet ? I am steadily losing 2 pounds a week without exercise. My diet:

    Two orders of Eggs and a large Diet Coke from McDonalds evry morning.

    A bowl of veggies and a side on top at Panda Express

    Some meat at night…a Big Steak or a couple of hamburger patties.

    A chunk of sharp cheeder cheese as a snack at night.

    Next morning lost 2 pounds !!!

    I would be doing even better if I didn’t go to low calorie on the weekends.

    With exercise, it would be even better. I will add exercise when I stop losing or get more motivated.

  4. I started at 237.5 and today weighed in at 219.5. I started on 4/28.

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