I Heart Firefox 3

I’ve been a fan of Firefox since the days when I was worked entirely in Windows and just wanted something — anything! — that wasn’t Internet Explorer. Sure, the memory leak issue was atrocious, and it was sluggish at best on my Mac (enter Camino and later, Bon Echo). But it was easily customizable via Extensions (now called Add-ons), and above all, it wasn’t Internet Explorer, with its evil Active-X (boo! hiss!).

Then along came Firefox 3 beta. Then Firefox 3 RC1 and soon after, Firefox 3 RC2. And I was in love. Here was a browser with all the great stuff that comes with Firefox but that also was just as fast on my Mac as on my Vista computer at work. And no memory leaks! It was enough to make me think of leaving my wife (just kidding, Sweetie).

Seriously though, if you haven’t tried Firefox 3 yet, do it. Do it right now. I’ll wait …..

Did you install it? Isn’t it great? Now try some Add-ons. Go to Tools > Add-ons, and click Get Add-ons. Search for some and click to install. Easy peazy. A few suggestions:

• Adblock Plus. This is a must with all the crappy ads out there on the Internets.

• FireNES. An original Nintendo emulator with all of the 8-bit games, built into your browser? Amazing, and a great time-waster. My favs? Bad Dudes, Double Dragon, Super Mario Brothers (of course) and Contra.

• FoxyTunes. Adds controls for iTunes to the bottom of your browser.

• PicLens. Browse photos with beautiful photo-gallery style. Think of it this way: It’s a gorgeous way to search Google Images.

• Quartz PDF Plugin (Mac only). Allows inline PDF viewing on Macs.

• Shareaholic. Taps into many social networks to allow easy posting to Twitter, Facebook,. Digg, FriendFeed, etc.

• TwitterFox. A Twitter app so you don’t have to keep refreshing the site all day.

• Twittytunes. Testing this one. It allows you to easily post to Twitter what you are listening to.

• Yoono. Testing this one, too. It’s a different approach to linking you to your social networks. Not sure whether this one will stick around for me though since I’m really digging Shareaholic.

• RetailMeNot. Shows deals for things you are shopping for. Slick.

Got any good Add-ons I should know about. Drop a line in the comments. As one of my friends discovered, you have to have a WordPress account to comment. Sorry, everyone. I know it’s a hassle, but the spam comments are a nightmare otherwise.

~ by amarvin on Thursday, June 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “I Heart Firefox 3”

  1. Fire gestures is a GREAT add-on. It allows you to simply right click drag the mouse in the back direction to go back, and forwards to go forward. Plus, you can make custom commands with it.

  2. w00t for ff3! now if only they get the iFox smooth theme working then i’m sold on it. I love how they changed sp many things and the memory leaks etc, its awesome!
    I myself prefer opera but i also love firefox, i kinda use both interchangeably whenever I feel like it.

    btw I agree: Internet explorer = epic fail. Lol no wonder people get viruses and spyware when all they use is IE

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