What’s in a name?

There apparently has been much discussion among our friends about the name of my blog and its tagline, so I thought I would address it briefly.

The title, This Just In, is an way-overused saying with ties to radio and television journalists many decades ago. For me, it’s a nod to my bachelor’s degree in journalism and my short career as a copy editor. It also references what I’m writing about, mainly things in my life that I find interesting and that might interest friends and family, all of whom I don’t get to see often enough.

The tagline, Breaking news from broken man, also has a few meanings to me. First and formost, I started this blog right after I dislocated my kneecap back in late February 2008. In my mind, I was the epitome of the broken man. The breaking news aspect was just a continued play on the blog title. As a former copy editor, the parallel structure of the tag also appealed to me.

Some have speculated that the “broken man” part of the tag relates to me feeling that my marriage and family have “house-broken” me, but there’s no real truth to that. In fact, in some ways I think I’m more house-broken than Stefanie. Hee hee.

There’s the story. Not an interesting one, really, but it’s all I got. Comments, as always, are much appreciated.


~ by amarvin on Saturday, June 21, 2008.

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