Alex’s first word and other news

We have been trying to get Alex to speak his first word for weeks now — mostly we’ve tried the usual, “mommy” and “daddy” — and this morning we were rewarded with Alex’s first word. He woke us up for good around 6 a.m., Stefanie fed him and he was between us in bed. We were playing with him, and Stefanie was trying to get him to say, “Daddy”. Not the usual “da da da da”, mind you, but the real word. Then Alex pointed at me and said, quite clearly, “Daddy”. I was half-asleep until he said it. I was stunned and so excited. Of course, he went back to babbling, and no amount of prodding could get him to say anything else. But how cool is that?

Stefanie reported when I got home from work tonight that Alex pulled himself up again today. He is incredibly close to crawling, too. He gets situated, but when he pushes off with his knees and legs, he just kind of belly flops on the ground and complains until we pull him up. He stands pretty well as long as we hold on to at least one of his hands, and earlier this week he stood on his own for a few seconds without holding on to anything. Pretty soon, we are going to be in trouble. Time to baby-proof the house.

Alex turned 9 months old this week, and he had his nine-month checkup with the doctor. Everything checked out. He is almost 20 pounds (33rd percentile) and is about 27 inches long (26th percentile). I can’t remember his head measurement, but he was in the 78th percentile for that. All of those are up from his six-month checkup (26th percentile for weight, 26th percentile for length and 60-some percentile for head). The doctor said Alex remains small for his age but is growing so well that there is nothing to worry about. He’s just a little guy. And so dang cute.

One more thing, Stefanie made me the cutest Father’s Day gift: a large framed photo of her with Alex and a construction paper cutout of Alex’s hands and arms pasted to another paper that says, “Alex loves Daddy”. Almost made me cry. Both gifts are hanging proudly in my  office, which is quickly becoming a shrine to Alex. Thanks, Sweetie, for the Best. Father’s Day. Ever.

~ by amarvin on Friday, June 20, 2008.

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