Your Alex update

It’s been at least a few days since I’ve posted an update about Alex, and that’s a few days too many. First things first: Alex has pulled himself up to a standing position and held himself there for a minute or two. He’s done this twice now, and he tries to do it constantly. It was really cool to see him stand, and it’s even cooler seeing how bad he wants to stand, crawl and walk. Oh yeah, he hasn’t crawled yet. Crazy.

Alex is also, finally, teething. I’ve said it before on this blog that he was teething, but we were always wrong. Not this time. He has been running a slight temperature, he bites down hard on everything (he tried to gum off my pinkie finger this morning), he’s suddenly not sleeping as well and he wants to be held constantly. Even when he’s happy, he will switch from smiling or laughing to pouting or crying and back again in mere minutes. It’s sad, but I’m hopeful this will finally lead to a tooth. Then he really can chew off my pinkie.

Lastly, Alex is finally over his head cold. That’s right, he was sick again. Let’s recap: Andrew got it first in our household. He was sick the last week of April. He gave it to Stefanie who gave it to Alex, and they were both sick the first week of May. I avoided it until my Mom visited in mid-May, when I got it bad (head cold + bronchitis). I was sick the third week of May and gave it to Alex again, who was sick until this week. And as the sinus congestion cleared up, teething set in. Whee!

I’m writing from a hotel in Roseburg, where tomorrow all of us Oregon Judicial Department techs will hold our bi-monthly technology advisory committee meetings. Among other things, we will be voting for a new co-chairperson. In a cool turn, someone nominated me, a lowly Tech 2. Unfortunately, we just lost one of our other two techs at Marion courts, so I was asked to decline the nomination because the court really can’t spare me right now. Too bad, but I guess there is always next year.

I plan to head home as soon as the meeting wraps up Friday afternoon. I want to see Alex before he goes to bed, and Stefanie wants to go to her book club meeting.

~ by amarvin on Friday, June 6, 2008.

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  1. HA! Good times in Roseburg!

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