WTFs of the Week: The More, the Merrier

Something about a holiday weekend brings out the crazy stories in the media — maybe because journalists like to enjoy the holiday, too? — so I give you three WTFs of the Week for the price of one:

1) A California couple in Italy are drugged, robbed and left at a train station. The husband wanders onto the tracks and is hit and killed by a train. WTF? There has to be more to this story.

2) A 6-foot-1 12-year-old girl in Beaverton, Oregon (a Portland suburb) is suddenly banned from playing in the boys league, possibly because she is a scoring machine and makes the boys look bad. WTF? If there were complaints about her making the boys look bad, then the boys and their parents need to suck it up. Let her play if she wants.

3) A French skydiver hopes to break freefall records this morning to collect data that might help astronauts survive in similar conditions. From the article: “It is expected to take him 15 minutes just to come down, screaming through thin air at 932 mph an hour (1,500 kilometers per hour) — 1.7 times the speed of sound — smashing through the sound barrier, shock waves buffeting his body, before finally deploying his chute about 6,000 meters (3.75 miles) above the prairie wheat fields.” WTF? The article also says that he will be “three times higher than a commercial airliner.” Let me tell you, I would have to be at least that high to attempt this stunt.


~ by amarvin on Monday, May 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “WTFs of the Week: The More, the Merrier”

  1. #3. Help Astronauts in a simalar situation? Not Likely. He was rotating with the Earth in a ballon. If Astronauts were at that altitude they would be circling the Earth very much faster than the Earth rotates, to maintain orbit. This would cause their closing speed with the atmosphere to be very very fast instead of the 1,000 MPH that this guy had. Not much help. He feels a little “wind”, they would burn up from the friction.

  2. You’re absolutely correct. Instead of to help astronauts “in a similar situation”, I should have said (from a different, Canadian follow-up story): “Fournier hopes to collect data that will help astronauts and others survive at high altitudes. It could also someday lead to rescuing astronauts in-flight.” I hope the weather cooperates and he gets to try this tomorrow. Way cool, but he’s still a nutter.

  3. Oops. Forgot to share the link to that Canadian news story:

  4. He failed. Wizard of Oz like problem – Ballon left without him.

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