On strike

Just kidding. I’m sick. Really sick. Bronchitis/sinus infection/bubonic plague sick. So I’m taking this week off to recover. So far I have slept much of the past 24 hours, but I still feel awful. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s doctor visit scores me some great meds. I need to get better before my dad and grandmother — from Kansas and Indiana, respectively — arrive next week to see Alex and the rest of the family.


~ by amarvin on Wednesday, May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “On strike”

  1. When I had the bubonic plague a couple of weeks ago, taking Mucinex really helped turn things around. Give it a try! Sleep well, drink lots of water, and get better! (My friend – who I got sick- went to the doc & he told her it wasn’t actually the plague but just a nasty case of the flu.)

  2. Ugh! Take care Aaron. I had some nasty cough thing last week–I think it was allergies.

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