Home with the sickos

Stefanie, Andrew and now Alex all have some sort of sinus infection. Andrew fought it off enough to go to school today, but Stefanie called in sick. Since Alex already had been grumpy all week because he is full-on teething, I offered to call in sick to take care of the baby while Stefanie rested.

A brilliant plan until you realize that Alex is LOUD. Really loud. Front row of a small concert kind of loud. Stefanie didn’t get a ton of extra sleep, but we traded Alex off all day and that seemed to work. I did get to hit the gym though, so that is great.

This week the first that I have made it to both of my weight-training classes since Alex was born nearly eight months ago. I had planned to get back sooner, but dislocating my knee ruined that. Initially I went back only once per week so I could get my knee back in shape. It has been healing nicely, although it’s still a tad swollen three months after I hurt it. Lame.

There was a bit of excitement this afternoon with Alex, although only parents of infants probably will appreciate it. For the first time, Alex rolled over today from his back to his stomach. Alex until recently didn’t like to be on his stomach, and as soon as he started rolling over as soon as I would put him down on his stomach he would roll over onto his back and stay there. So the rolling over thing was kind of, well, limited. Until today. Exciting stuff.

On a completely unrelated note, I received word from a friend that one of our friends has Burkitt lymphoma. It’s an aggressive cancer, but apparently treatable. He is young (not even 30, I think), in good health and the doctors caught it early. But it still scares the bejeezus out of me. Please save some room in your prayers and thoughts for Matt tonight. Thank you.


~ by amarvin on Thursday, May 8, 2008.

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