Return of the iPhone?

All of the rumors about the supposedly soon-to-arrive 3G iPhone have awoken my desire for the gadget to end all gadgets. Many months ago, I sold my first-generation Macbook Pro so I could save some money for a 3G iPhone. But when we decided that Stefanie would go part-time so she could be home more with Alex, the thought of switching us to AT&T and adding $20 per month so I could get the required iPhone data plan seemed to be, well, frivolous. So I scrapped the idea and picked up a second-generation Macbook Pro instead.

But with the 3G iPhone’s release likely this summer and with all of the rumors about its new features — GPS? Video chat? Third-party apps? Yum. — I’m starting to get that twinge again. I’ve even held off on replacing my Verizon phone (and re-signing a two-year contract) now that our contract has expired. This could get expensive. Need to find some money and justification quick.

~ by amarvin on Saturday, May 3, 2008.

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