Random Review: “Lars and the Real Girl”

Stefanie and I just finished Lars and the Real Girl, and all I can say is, “Wow.” What a great film. Ryan Gosling was incredible, as expected (if you haven’t seen him in Half Nelson, definitely rent it), but the writing, the direction and the other characters were just incredible. 

The story is about an incredibly shy, incredibly lonely twentysomething whose mother died while giving birth to him and whose father recently died. His older brother and sister-in-law, who are expecting their first baby, move back into the family home, and Lars moves to a studio apartment in the garage. He doesn’t like to be touched, doesn’t like to be around other people, doesn’t even know how to talk with them.

Then Lars buys a silicone sex doll — the ones that weigh as much as a human being, with hair and everything — and introduces her to his family. They flip out of course, but have the happy couple for dinner. “Bianca” moves in with them because they aren’t married yet, and while Lars is wrapped up in his delusional world, the rest of their small town rallies around him and Bianca. It’s touching to see how much they care about him, which makes the ending even more bittersweet.

I know the movie sounds, well, weird. And it is weird. I found myself laughing out loud at all of the uncomfortable moments early in the movie and at how comfortable the town became with Bianca by the end of the movie. Some might call it a dark comedy, but not me. It’s legitimately funny, and sad. The filmmakers pull off the seemingly impossible: I really cared about Bianca, all because Lars really cared about her. It’s a beautiful movie, and I can’t recommend it enough.


~ by amarvin on Monday, April 28, 2008.

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