A day late and lots of dollars short

So Stefanie calls me from Grants Pass this morning with an awful story. They were due back after lunch today, but the car overheated about 3 1/2 hours from Salem. Thankfully, Teresa has AAA and called for a tow. An hour later, they were at a shop, where the mechanic told them that our radiator fluid was filled incorrectly, leaving an air pocket. “It’s a Subaru thing,” they said. Whatever. Anyway, they were back on the road after a two-hour delay and $65 lighter.

Twenty miles north of Grants Pass, the car overheated again. This time, Stefanie calls our mechanic, who said the shop should have checked and replaced the thermostat (I think he called them “morons”; I love our mechanic). So another hour wait for another tow back to the same place.

On my way home from work, four hours after they originally planned to be home, I call Stefanie and she tells me that they have to stay in Grants Pass tonight. Turns out that the radiator had a leak before we bought it in 2006 and that the car’s previous owners put something in the radiator to plug the leak. But two years later, that chemical is clogging — and now ruined — our radiator, the hoses, everything. The mechanic said the car might be ready by 11 a.m. Wednesday. Total damage to our finances: $660. Ouch.

I hope I never see the previous car owners again. I just might have some not-too-kind words for them. Jerks.

~ by amarvin on Tuesday, April 22, 2008.

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