Stop corrupting our youth with your heathen ways

Stefanie, Alex and Stefanie’s sister Teresa spent Tuesday night at the lovely Oakland home of our friends Ann and Curt, who both were able to witness Alex’s cuteness firsthand. I was happy to hear that they agree that he is an adorable baby and good-natured, too. Ann even did a blog post about the visit. Unfortunately, she and Curt also conspired to dress up Alex in a Mizzou hat and Arizona shirt. AARGH!

Some background: Ann is a University of Arizona alum; it’s a big basketball school. She hates the University of Kansas, my alma mater and recently crowned national champions in basketball. Curt is from Missouri and is a big fan of Mizzou, the arch-rival of my beloved Jayhawks. He’s also an alumnus of Portland State, which KU beat the tar out of in the first round of last month’s NCAA tournament. He hates the Jayhawks, too. You see where I’m going with this.

Well played, Curt and Ann. Well played. But next time, keep the innocent children out of it. They shouldn’t be punished for the Jayhawks’ success. If you’re lucky, maybe your teams will make it out of the first round next year.

Here is the incriminating photo, stolen from Ann’s blog. I find solace in Alex’s not-too-happy expression.


~ by amarvin on Thursday, April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stop corrupting our youth with your heathen ways”

  1. We did find a lot of pleasure and enjoyment dressing Alex up. 🙂 It was a little after his bedtime so he just kinda sat there and took it.
    Don’t fear, there are many photos of him getting hugs and kisses from me!
    But I have to say every time I look at this pic it cracks me up.
    Alex is such a good baby and has a great personality. There was one point he made a face and I looked at him and it was like looking at a mini-Aaron. It was crazy.

  2. I’m glad you were able to spend some time with Alex. He’s such a cutie, and I miss him so much. I can’t wait to see the other photos you took during the visit. Thanks again for putting Stefanie, Teresa and Alex up for the night. We really appreciate it. And of course, if you ever need a place to stay in Salem, we have a really comfortable futon (I slept on it for months after Alex was born so my snoring wouldn’t keep Stefanie awake).

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