NPR Teenage Environmental Hippie

I have become obsessed with’s blog stats for my blog. I check them at least daily and sometimes multiple times every day. It’s interesting to see how many readers are checking out my various posts, which ones are more popular and which days are popular and which aren’t.

I’m particularly fascinated by the stats that show what people searched for when they clicked on my blog. One of the searches from yesterday was brilliant: npr teenage environmental hippie. The searcher probably was looking for this story, but turns out that my blog showed up on Google’s first page.

The irony? The keyword hits were primarily from a post I did last week about Overheard in New York rather than my post about ethanol (by way of NPR) yesterday. Even more ironic? She is a climate change skeptic, and I’m on the opposite side.

~ by amarvin on Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

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