All alone

Stefanie and Alex left today with Stefanie’s older sister, Teresa, on a road trip to Southern California. They will spend tonight and tomorrow in Ashland, Ore., so they can see plays at the Shakespeare Festival. The next stop will be San Francisco, where our friends Curt and Ann are putting them up because they are awesome. They haven’t met Alex yet, so I hope he’s not too grumpy from riding in the car all day. Then they will meet Stefanie and Teresa’s dad in the L.A. area, where Andrew and his school band will meet them for a performance. They even managed to schedule a day at Disneyland.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough vacation time to make this trip — my parents and my grandmother are all visiting in May, so all of my vacation time has been reserved for those visits — so I will miss seeing Andrew’s band perform and will miss Alex’s first trip to Disneyland. Sad.

The good news is that I’m a bachelor between Wednesday night and Sunday night. I already have some events lined up: a party Wednesday night, dinner and movie with my friend Spike on Thursday night and possibly attending my friend Jim’s bike race Sunday. Should be fun.

Oh, and I fell asleep around 9 p.m. last night and didn’t get up until 9 a.m. today. Probably the first time that has happened since Alex was born nearly seven months ago. It felt great.

One more thing: I posted a few new photos on Picasa. If they haven’t appeared in the RSS feed, just click the Photo Gallery link to see them.


~ by amarvin on Sunday, April 13, 2008.

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