Rock, Chalk, Championship

I just finished watching one of the best, most closely played national championship games in NCAA history. In a game of lead changes and when neither team could pull away for more than a few minutes, it was Memphis’ poor free-throw shooting and KU’s Super Mario Chalmers with a three-pointer in the final three seconds to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Once there, the Jayhawks woke up and put on the hurt. KU won, 75-68, and brings home the storied program’s first national championship in 20 years.

An interesting side note: In the last title win, Danny Manning was KU’s star. This time, he was on the sidelines as an assistant coach. He even helped cut down the nets with the rest of the team. It’s a beautiful way to end what has been an amazing ride. Congratulations, KU. See you next year.


Rumor has it that KU Coach Bill Self’s alma mater, Oklahoma State, will offer him $6 million to coach there. I hope the Jayhawks dig deep and find some money to throw his way. I can’t imagine losing two coaching legends in five years.


~ by amarvin on Monday, April 7, 2008.

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