Mixing some tunes

Just last week I read about two mix tape Web sites, Muxtape and Mixwit. I decided to give both a spin, and so far my reviews of both are mixed.

Muxtape’s simple design and use rock, and I love that I can upload MP3s from my collection. But you only get one Muxtape per user (so no multiple mix tapes to share), and you are limited to 12 or fewer tracks.

Mixwit is a bit more complex to use, but I love the variety of mix tape designs and the ability to upload a photo for the tape. Mixwit allows multiple tapes, and it allows you to post a mix tape widget to your blog (but not WordPress), MySpace or Facebook. But it doesn’t allow users to upload songs from their libraries. Instead, the songs must be available on one of two (and only two) streaming music search engines.

Both sites have a lot going for them, and I hope they both survive because they both bring something good to the table. But if Mixwit allowed me to upload my own songs, it would have been the winner for me.

For my review, I decided to put together two mix tapes, one from each service. The theme is Oregon bands (big shock, I know). The Mixwit mix tape includes famous Oregon bands, all of which are from Portland because I couldn’t find any other bands’ songs on the search engines. The Muxtape mix tape includes only Oregon bands that should be famous; all but two are Salem bands.

Click here to listen to my Muxtape mix tape.

Click here to listen to my Mixwit mix tape.


~ by amarvin on Sunday, April 6, 2008.

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