Daily WTF: I’m No. 3?

I’m apparently not the only Aaron Marvin out there in the Interwebs. In fact, I’m not even the most famous Aaron Marvin. Turns out that there are two other guys out there with my name who are more well known.

The first one I first found years ago. He was a soccer player for Warner Pacific in, of all places, Portland, Oregon. That’s less than an hour away from me. Crazy, eh? He apparently started a construction company with his father in Washington.

The second Aaron Marvin probably may be better known. He was a high school hockey star in Warroad, Minnesota, and was drafted by the Calgary Flames in 2006. He plays for their “farm team”, the Tri-City Storm in Nebraska.

But if you dig a little deeper on Google, you will find a few references to the REAL Aaron Marvin. There are some newspaper headline awards that I won back in 2000, 2001 and 2002. There’s an interview I gave to a Willamette University student in 2006 about mainstream media trying to change with the times. My LinkedIn profile and my underused Twitter feed. And there is our out-of-datebaby blog and this blog, of course. But not much else.

So what does this all mean? I don’t know, but being the No. 3 me sucks. I should be the No. 1 me. The rest of the mes should just wait their own damn turn. At least I’m not this Aaron Marvin, a tennis player in San Diego. He’s so not-famous that he’s ranked even lower than me. Take that, me No. 4.

Here are some photos of the three Aaron Marvins. From left to right, there is Aaron Marvin (soccer player/builder), Aaron Marvin (hockey star) and the real Aaron Marvin.

 aaronmarvin_soccer.jpg  aaronmarvin_hockey.jpg  aaronmarvinreal.jpg

~ by amarvin on Thursday, April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Daily WTF: I’m No. 3?”

  1. You look like the nicest Aaron Marvin. 🙂
    There are no other Ann Chihak Poffs.
    I have found other Ann Chihaks and other Ann Poffs.\
    But I am one of a kind!

  2. Thanks, Ann. I’m not the toughest Aaron Marvin, that’s for sure. Of course, I’ve never played professional hockey either. Yikes.

    Cool that you are one of a kind. But I already knew that. (Awww.)

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