KU stomps Villanova

Final score: 72-57. It wasn’t even that close. Sorry, Ann. There’s always tomorrow, when No. 1 KU plays No. 10 Davidson.

I’m home sick today — on a weekend? Lame!), so I’ve been chugging Nyquil and sleeping all day. We had to cancel a planned day trip to the Better Living Show in Portland and will miss our monthly film club meeting at a friend’s house. I hate being sick.


~ by amarvin on Saturday, March 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “KU stomps Villanova”

  1. HA! Actually the fact that my team sucks has nothing to do with my hatred for the Chickenhawks.
    I never thought I would root for North Carolina, but, well …
    I have to say I am disappointed that all 4 teams in the Final Four are No. 1 seeds. Boooring.
    Were you biting your nails over the KU/Davidson game. I figured you and Alex were pooping your pants. HA! 🙂

  2. Heh. Alex slept through most of the game — shocking that he did considering how loud I yelled at KU’s inept offense — but he watched the final painful minutes with me. He didn’t poop his pants, but I almost did. Spooky how close KU let Davidson get. If they can’t figure out how to adjust on-the-fly in the next week, UNC is going to stomp the ever-loving hell out of them. And I would be the first to stay that they deserved it. They need to pull it together and stop expecting their athleticism and talent will win them games. /rant

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