Best movies of 2007

My movie critic friend and her co-host recently shared their list of top movies of 2007 — yes, it’s almost April, but we don’t get movies as quickly as they do in bigger cities — and that got me thinking about my own top 10 list. So here you go, in reverse order to build suspense (no fair peeking):

10. Eastern Promises. Viggo Mortensen is blooming brilliant in this movie. I really believed he was a bad-ass Russian mobster. Naomi Watts is OK, but I’m not her biggest fan. The story is pretty good, but it’s not great. Still it’s moving and gritty and well-filmed and -acted.

9. Hot Fuzz. If you liked the parody-but-homage style of Shaun of the Dead, you will enjoy this buddy cop movie from the same guys. London’s top cop gets sent to a quiet country town because he makes his co-workers look bad. While there, he uncovers a conspiracy. Hilarity ensues. Seriously.

8. The Lookout. A sad tale about a young man recruited to help rob the bank where he works. A sad, well-told thriller that flew under the radar. Definitely worth a rent.
7. No Country for Old Men. A brutal story brilliantly filmed and exquisitely told by my favorite directors, the Coen brothers. I didn’t like the ending though, so it fell from the top spot to No. 7.

6. 3:10 to Yuma. I’m not a huge fan of Westerns, and I really don’t care for Russell Crowe, but the movie blew me away. Crowe and fellow lead Christian Bale are wonderful, and the ending hits you right in the gut. If you haven’t rented this one, do yourself a favor and add it to your Netflix queue.

5. Gone Baby Gone. A heart-breaking story about two private investigators looking for a missing child in the slums of Boston. A morality tale brilliantly told by (surprisingly) Ben Affleck in his first turn as director. Stars his younger brother, Casey, who is wonderful, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman. Stefanie hasn’t seen it, but we discussed the ending quite a bit. I think we might have disagreed about what to do in the same situation.

4. Zodiac. Mixed reviews by critics left me waiting for rental on this. I’m glad I rented it. A creepy, eerie look at the still-unsolved Zodiac killer and the writer who tried to solve the case. Creeped me out for weeks. Well filmed, well acted (great supporting turn by Robert Downey Jr.).

3. Juno. Stefanie and I just saw this in the theater before the Oscars. The movie is all kinds of quirky, but it still has lots of heart and never feels forced. Some great lines and great characters. Good cast, too. This one really resonated with Stefanie because like the main character, she was a teen mother.

2. Children of Men. One of the best movies ever about a dystopian future. (Some might say this was a 2006 movie, but it was released in January 2007.)

1. Once. No movie struck me last year as much as this one. A cheaply made story about a busker and an immigrant who meet in Ireland and make music together, then go their separate ways. Beautiful music, beautiful story. Amazing movie.

Some might ask why Michael Clayton or There Will Be Blood or any other movie wasn’t on my list, and I just have to invoke the New Dads Clause. We had a baby in September and spent much of 2007 preparing for his arrival, so I missed seeing most movies in theater. I have Michael Clayton at home to watch this week, and I started — but haven’t been able to get through — The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford tonight. So bear with me.

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  1. dude what a fancy blog. Cute pics of the baby. long time no see.

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