Obsess much?

Some might call me a tad obsessive — my wife would call me freaky-obsessive — but the only time I would agree is with my Netflix account. I love movies. Screwball comedies. Black-and-white classics. Hitchcock thrillers. Miyazaki’s animated films. Can’t get enough of them. And one of our close friends reviews movies on a local TV show, so she always recommends movies, and they often end up in our Netflix queue.

The problem is that our queue is out of control — 356 movies and counting — and I have now rated 2,123 movies and TV series. On one hand, I can’t believe that I have seen that many movies. On the other, I can’t believe I took the time to rate that many movies. I mean, holy hell, that’s a lot of movies. It’s not as many as my movie critic friend — 2,557 movies (and few if any TV series, she would want me to point out) — but that is to be expected. I don’t get into movies for free like critics do, and I don’t review them on my TV show.

But I really enjoy watching movies, and, someone help me, I love rating them on Netflix. Does that make me obsessive? Oh yeah.

By the way, my Netflix nickname is inkogneeto. Add me as a friend, and you can share in my obsession. You know you want to.


~ by amarvin on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Obsess much?”

  1. Oh, yes, we must be Netflix friends.
    Tho. the last time my cousin looked at what I had “at home” it was totally wrong–outdated by about 6 months. Not sure what was up with that.
    Have you seen Into the Wild? We watched it over the weekend. Very good. Watch it if you haven’t.

  2. Cool! I haven’t seen too many issues with Netflix’s friends section since it was updated a few months ago – well, except for Monday’s 12-hour outage. Yikes. “Into the Wild” is near the top of my queue. Stefanie and Stephanie saw it in the theater, but I missed out (I was watching Alex that night). My uncle sent me the soundtrack though. I’m not a huge fan of Eddie Vedder, but it’s incredible. Probably the best album of 2007.

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