Misc. thoughts and such

I missed Sen. Obama’s visit to Salem today because of work responsibilities, but Stefanie, Andrew, Alex and many of our friends made it. They were really impressed. Sounds as if he was very Oregon-focused. You know: Environmentally friendly, Wal-Mart is bad, Roosevelt-esque federal infrastructure projects to create jobs and other hippie stuff. Which, of course, is AWESOME. I love Oregonians. I hope Obama visits again either before the May primary or at least before the election. I really want to see him speak.

Good news: Stefanie’s employer announced that she is leaving her current position to take another one as a part-timer. I can’t wait for her to move to her new job. She has been coveting it for years, so it’s nice that she is finally getting what she wanted. It also will be nice to no longer work from home. I love Alex, but it’s so difficult for me to focus on work when I would rather play with him. And it breaks my heart that I have to work when he is fussy.

So my knee is healing nicely. Next week is my fourth and final week of physical therapy, which has been a good but odd experience. The electric current that they pump through my leg muscles feels as if my entire leg has fallen asleep. Really weird. I always feel great afterward though — I even started taking the stairs again at work. Now if only I could sit down and get up from the floor comfortably.

After this month’s announcement about the soon-to-arrive updates for iPhone, I’m starting to covet one again. Uh-oh.


~ by amarvin on Friday, March 21, 2008.

One Response to “Misc. thoughts and such”

  1. We missed you at Obama! It was incredible & inspiring- and, apparently, Salem’s social event of the season! 🙂

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