Daily WTF: Comcast wants to watch you watch TV


So there I was, minding my own business surfing the Web, when I found this story about how Comcast is testing a new marketing concept: putting cameras in its cable boxes. And I thought to myself, WTF!?! Are you freaking kidding me? Then I read about how the cameras would actually be a good thing. You see, the cameras would recognize the viewer(s) and make sure that commercials were specifically tuned his or her preferences. And if a child is watching, the camera would kick in the parental controls. Wow, Comcast is doing this to help us. Now I understand.

Bullshit. Comcast is a huge corporation that has never shown any interest in its customers beyond how much more money it could pump from them. Big Brother worries aside — and there are plenty of those to go around — I won’t let anyone watch me in my living room. As far as customized ads go, skip it. I don’t want any ads, Comcast. Ads tailored to me are still ads and still waste my time. There is no way I would pay a company to waste my time. And the parental controls? That responsibility is mine, as a parent. It’s certainly not Comcast’s responsibility. If I want to use parental controls, I will take the time to do it. Why would I let TV raise my kids (even though plenty of parents already do that)?

Others have already pointed out that we already can’t trust Comcast with BitTorrent or to play nice with others. So why would I trust Comcast to put a camera in my freaking house?

Note: A big thanks to Midwood.net for the Comcast logo.

~ by amarvin on Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

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