Alex hits a milestone, plus misc. thoughts

Little Alex turned 6 months old Saturday and saw the pediatrician today for his six-month checkup and vaccinations. He’s still a tiny guy — 15 1/2 pounds and 25 1/2 inches long — but the doctor said Alex’s growth rate is normal so not to be worried. As Stefanie pointed out later, Alex’s mid-September birthday puts him into school a year later than if he were born in, say, August, so the fact that he may be small for his age might work out just fine. I guess we will worry about that later.

Not much else going on here this week. Just lots of work and lots of after-work activities. In April, Stefanie, Andrew and Alex will be headed to Disneyland — Andrew’s school band was invited to play. I don’t have enough vacation time to go with them because my mom will be visiting from Kansas in mid-May (ostensibly to see all of us, but we know she mainly wants to see Alex :-). A week or two later, my dad and grandmother will be visiting from Kansas and Indiana, respectively, also to see Alex. It will be the first time either of them have met the little guy. I can’t wait to show him off.

On an unrelated note, my friend Curt apparently doesn’t feel the same way I did about our alma maters squaring off Thursday in the first round of the NCAA tournament. He didn’t have any qualms about predicting that KU l fall toPortland State. The gloves are off, my friend. I hope you have a pillow handy because your Vikings are going down. Hard.

On a different unrelated note, WTF:


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