Shuffling into the Big Dance

My alma mater, University of Kansas, beat Texas in the Big 12 championship game today. It the third time in a row that the two teams have met in the Big 12 tournament and the third time KU has won. Ouch. Anyway, soon after the game the NCCA tournament brackets were announced, and KU nabbed the No. 1 seed in the Midwest. Sweet!


To be fair, I think they are overrated, but the good news is that they are the strongest team in their region and if they win their region they likely would face North Carolina in the Final Four. That is a matchup that I have been waiting for ever since Roy Williams jumped ship for UNC years ago *shakes fist*.

My friend Curt is a Portland State alum, and the school’s team snagged an automatic berth in the tournament. But here’s the rub: No. 1 KU faces No. 16 PSU in the first round, and I actually feel bad about cheering on the Jayhawks. This isn’t like Curt’s and my battles about KU vs. MU (eat it, Mizzou). This is my alma mater playing a team from my adopted home state. I still plan to cheer for KU, of course, but I hope they don’t beat PSU too bad.

Curt would probably take this opportunity to point out that KU is notorious for winning big during the regular season then flopping in the tournament (Butler, anyone?). But I think this year will be different. Good luck, Vikings. Go ‘Hawks!

~ by amarvin on Sunday, March 16, 2008.

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