All alone in a coffee shop on Friday night

My wife and stepson wanted to spend some time alone tonight, so after we put the baby to sleep I left for the evening. But finances are tight — Stefanie is likely dropping to part-time soon, so we are pinching every penny — so I needed to find something cheap to entertain myself. Movies were out — $9 per ticket? WTF? — and it was a bit late to track down friends. So it was off to a late-night coffee shop for me. Thankfully there are lots of those in the “sunny” Northwest, and the coffee is pretty darn tasty, too.

I took the time to start listening to the SXSW 2008 showcased artists, a collection of 700-some songs that SXSW offers for free every year after the show wraps up. So far, I’m really impressed with this year’s lineup. It’s another reminder that I missed my chance to experience the weeklong show when I still lived in the Midwest. Lame. Still, the music is pretty damn good. So check it out via Bittorrent.

On an unrelated note, I posted some additional “Alex eating solid food” photos on the Picasa Web Album of the same name. Check ’em out if you want to see a messy eater. Squash shows up nicely in photos :-/

And since I can’t resist posting a funny, here’s the first episode in a great series called “Cautionary Tales of Swords”:


~ by amarvin on Friday, March 14, 2008.

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