Back in the saddle

It feels good to walk (mostly) normally again. I started physical therapy for my knee this week, and it’s finally starting to get back into shape. The therapist was concerned that there was still some swelling and that my quad and other leg muscles were already starting to atrophy (after only four weeks off my feet, no less). But the exercises that she gave me, icing my knee afterward and yesterday’s first dose of electrical current, seem to have helped quite a bit. I’m walking easier now — I even took our dog for a walk last night.

The electrical current treatment is really, well, odd. I had never experienced anything like it. They hooked up some electrodes to my knee and quad muscles, then cranked up the current until it “grabbed” my muscles. It felt like my leg instantly went to sleep — you know, that prickly-tingly feeling. The current came and went every 10 seconds, and I had to tense my muscles when it was on. Wacky stuff. It definitely helped the swelling and relaxed my muscles though.

Three more weeks of this, and I should be good as new and back to riding my bike and starting to work out again. It has been difficult seeing the nice early-spring weather from inside the house. I’m eager to get outside to enjoy it.

~ by amarvin on Thursday, March 13, 2008.

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