Baby was a rolling stone

I know it’s a lame headline, but I’m tired. I just wanted to share something that I forgot yesterday: Alex on Saturday evening rolled over for the first time. I missed it by a few minutes, but today while I was working from home today I noticed that he really wants to roll over (but he didn’t quite make it). It’s an amazing time to be a daddy.On a side note, Alex ate all of his parsnips tonight. In fact, after the parsnips were all gone, he started to throw a fit because he wanted more. My boy likes parsnips!Oh, and there are new Alex photos in the Picasa Web Albums RSS feed on the right side. The first set are from two weeks ago, when we first introduced solid foods. The second set are some beautiful shots of Alex yesterday before Stefanie fed him.

~ by amarvin on Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

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