I Heart LEGO

As a kid — hell, as a 31-year-old — I loved LEGO. I had buckets of them and played with them all the time. When Stefanie and I met, Andrew (then 7) and I played LEGOs every chance we got. We built all kinds of spaceships, starfighters, trucks, anything and raced them around their apartment. It was a blast. But I always remember being disappointed with the accessories for LEGO people (Star Wars LEGO notwithstanding because there is nothing cooler than LEGO light sabers).

Then today I found this, and all my 6-year-old dreams came true. This site, and I am not joking, sells nothing but weapons for LEGO characters and well-armed LEGO characters themselves. Pistols, swords, bazookas, machine guns, laser guns, grenades — It’s a veritable LEGO arms dealer. How frickin’ cool is that?


~ by amarvin on Monday, March 10, 2008.

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