Big news for Baby

Two weeks ago, we started Alex on solid foods. We started with the standard, rice cereal mixed with breast milk, but we later realized that rice cereal has sugar in it (how stupid is that?), so Stefanie diced and boiled some parsnips for him Saturday. He ate them, but the parsnips have a somewhat spicy aftertaste, so after five or six bites he started making funny faces and even funnier noises.

But once you start a baby on a food, you have to keep it up for at least four days, so we did. Today, Stefanie reported that Alex didn’t make any funny faces or noises, so I guess he likes parsnips now. (On a personal note, parsnips are nasty.)

Saturday was our friend Melissa’s baby shower, which was at Stephanie and Jim’s house. There were lots of photos, including a cute one of Alex next to our friend Beth’s 3-month-old boy, Eli. Alex is almost 6 months old, but he and Eli are the same size. Alex is just a little guy.


Click here to see more photos from Melissa’s shower.

While the ladies showered Melissa — why does that sound so dirty? — three of us guys took Melissa’s husband, Adam, to Portland for barbecue. Russell Street BBQ was delicious — the beef brisket, in particular, was excellent (and this coming from a guy raised on Kansas beef). Afterward, we went out for ice cream and went back to Stuart’s place to play his Wii — dang, that sounds dirty, too. It was a great day all around.

One last thing: Yesterday, Stefanie found that our favorite cross-dressing comedian (there’s more than one?), Eddie Izzard, will be bringing his newest stand-up routine to Portland this summer. We purchased tickets for the three of us and begged a friend (thanks, Stephanie!) to watch little Alex while we race north on a Tuesday night. Can’t wait to see him again; he was fantabulous when he stopped in during his last tour.

~ by amarvin on Monday, March 10, 2008.

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  1. I think it is wrong to force your poor defenseless baby to eat the undesired left over veggies from your csa box. shame on you both.

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