BBQ for Baby

My friend Adam will be joining the ranks of Dad-dom soon, and since his wife is getting a baby shower Saturday, some friends of ours thought Adam should get one, too. And how will we celebrate? With barbecue, of course.

At least four of us are headed to Portland to Russell Street BBQ to chow down, all in the name of his soon-to-arrive baby boy. I’ve never been to this barbecue joint, but I hear it’s great, and it serves barbecue tofu, which is great for our vegetarian friend who will be joining us. What is barbecue tofu? I don’t know, but take it from this Kansas boy: If there isn’t meat involved, it’s not real barbecue.

And before any of you say it, yes, only on the West Coast could you get vegetarian barbecue.


~ by amarvin on Thursday, March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “BBQ for Baby”

  1. I had to laugh at the barbecue tofu.
    I am not a big meat eater. But I do have to agree–it at least needs chicken to be BBQ!

  2. Exactly! That’s all I’m sayin’. The funniest part of our vegetarian BBQ lover? He is from Texas. I didn’t think Texans allowed vegetarians in their state. Maybe that’s why he lives in Oregon now 🙂

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