TV show of the week: “Jekyll”

Since the writers strike has left the boob tube season in disarray, and since we don’t have cable, I have been catching up on a lot of shows through Netflix. The latest to catch my eye was BBC’s one-off “Jekyll”, a modern retelling of the classic Jekyll and Hyde story.

In a word: Wow. What started as a clever show with excellent visuals gave way to interesting twists, strong characters and great acting by Jekyll/Hyde James Nesbitt. And the final scene was spectacular. Didn’t see that twist coming, but it made perfect sense.

My only complaint? Too short. I like that the episodes were nearly an hour long, but there were only six of them. And the BBC and/or producers didn’t go for a second season. Seems like a waste to spend so much time developing these deep characters only to scrap the whole show after six episodes.

Still, the series is great. If you like sci-fi or thrillers, or just well-written BBC shows in general, you owe it to yourself to try “Jekyll”.



~ by amarvin on Tuesday, March 4, 2008.

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