Video of the day: David Blayne’s Street Magic

David Blayne creeps me out, and this video parodies his weirdo vibe quite well. And it’s funny to boot.


~ by amarvin on Monday, March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Video of the day: David Blayne’s Street Magic”

  1. Aaron, first of all I went through a lot to get my stupid password. WordPress always gives me problems.
    Anyway, I hate David Blayne. Sitting in a glass box or ice is not magic, it is idiotic.
    I have been meaning to comment for some time. But you know, password issues.
    I love the overheard in New York stuff!!!
    Anyway, I love your posts. Funny stuff.

  2. Thanks, Ann. It’s nice to have a regular blog for my ramblings. I know what you mean about WP issues. I seem to have all kinds of formatting problems — maybe because I’m using Safari? — that frustrate the beejeezus outta me.

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