I want an iPhone

After Christmas, I started obsessing about the Apple iPhone. I hadn’t given it much thought before then because we used to have AT&T and hated the service — there was a huge service gap in our neighborhood — but in January I found that my work BlackBerry running AT&T works just fine. Turns out that AT&T fixed the service gap (but still no 3G in Salem *shakes fist*). Meantime, all of the apps that have been released made me realize how cool the iPhone will be when it has 3G, higher capacity and third-party apps.

I realized that I could sell my beloved Macbook Pro and replace it with an iPhone and a Macbook. So I listed my laptop, and just last week a nice guy from Keizer took it away. I didn’t expect to sell it so quickly, and I was completely unprepared. And now I’m borrowing a work laptop so I can continue to work from home and take care of the baby. And it’s Windows. Ugh.

Now I’m having trouble pulling the trigger on a replacement computer. There are so many options, even after reserving the $500 for an iPhone (I expect the 3G version to be more expensive). I could purchase a used iMac and a Time Capsule, Apple’s soon-to-be-released wireless router/NAS device/print server. Or maybe a mid-range Macbook. Then there is Asus’ eee PC, an amazing-looking subnotebook that I ogled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. With that, I might be able to afford a second Mac Mini.

Decisions, decisions. I need advice. What would you choose?


~ by amarvin on Thursday, February 21, 2008.

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